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Ensign Harbor is a well established "Mom and Pop" marina on Browns Creek that offers wonderful sailing, fishing or a day out on the kayaks. The marina was originally established by Nick and Jeanette Santoro in the late 80's. After their passing , Todd and Lourdes Best, acquired the marina in October of 2019. Thanks to Nick and Jeannette the marina had a wonderful reputation and following with the Whortonsville Yacht and Tractor Club. The foundation of the Santoro's vision very much resonated with the Todd and Lourdes. The marina sits on a beautiful 10 acre property that that not only attracts the boaters seeking a quiet reprieve on the water but that also enjoy serene natural surroundings where they can take walks or a bike ride or just sit under the pines with a book. There is yet another unique and new feature at Ensign Harbor and that is horses. There is something very soothing about the water but seeing horses out grazing in a pasture also evokes a sense of enjoyment and peacefulness. Like the water, horses are very therapeutic. Ensign Harbor Marina gives our customers the opportunity to enjoy both in one beautiful setting, We feel this is a bit of a niche that perhaps will set our little marina apart and that we can build upon. Our hope is to continue to build the upon foundation that began more than 30 years ago with a sense of community, a love for the water and now with a love of horses too!

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